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Our Setup


Areas Needed:


Petting Zoo - We need an approximate area of 15x15 to setup our petting zoo. Our wooden corral is custom made so it can be shaped in just about any form. We have yet to be at an event where we weren't able to set up. Believe us, if you have doubts, it can be done!


For more information on our petting zoo, please click HERE.



Pony(ies) - Simple. We need a place to walk. :) It doesn't have to be a large area. Because our ponies are hand led, we can walk them just about anywhere.


For more information on our ponies, please click HERE.



Bounce Houses - Depending on the size of the bounce house selected, we will need between a 15x15 and a 20x20 area. The area will need to be flat. Note - we cannot setup bounce houses when the weather prevents us from doing so (ie high winds, rain, etc...).


For more information on our bounce houses, please click HERE.




Trackless Train - Our trackless train can go just about anywhere (as long as it is on a relatively flat surface). The turning radius is quite small, so you'll be surprised at how little space we need.


For more information on our trackless train, please click HERE.

Tractor Hayrides - Our tractor can pull our trailer on any surface. The turning radius is about the size of a small cul-de-sac. Plenty of hay on the trailer for a large number of people to ride at any given time.


For more information on our tractor hayrides, please click HERE.

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